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The Life and Times of a Catholic Pilgrim
My Vocation Cont'd


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This is even more of my vocation story. As discerning a vocation takes you on many different paths to the ultimate goal, feel free to check up frequently to see what new is going on in my life!

Well, I am writing this page in Minnesota. So much is new in the story of my vocation. After comming back to the True Church of Christ, I have had the urge to explore my vocation yet again. Even though I was out of the loop for awhile, I found that I was still doing Christian things, Catholic things. I aided those who needed my help, served those who needed serving. God has still been good to me. I don't know what God will do with me, but I hope that soon I shall find out.  I am looking at many different orders, and keeping all options open.  Even thought some orders don't like the fact that I am diabetic or I am Canadian, I find that I shall never give up my quest for God. 

I find that no matter how far I am, or think I am from God, He is always there behind me. He is there to pick me up in my time of need, and bring me down when I get too high! Trusting in God's time has been one thing that I have accomplished since my time with the Redemptorists. I have definately changed since then. I am more accepting of people, God, and other faith traditions. All things, I think, that God has wanted me to accomplish. There are still more things to do, see, feel, hear. But with God on my side, I can't lose.
     On September 8, 2002 I will be entering the Associate program for the Capuchins in Toronto Ontraio.  God willing, I will remain with them for the rest of my life, but, who knows!!  God is funny that way!

My advice to anyone searching out a vocation is to be patient, trust in God, and know that where ever I go, whatever I do is all for the greater glory of God.