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The Life and Times of a Catholic Pilgrim
A few of My Favourite Things


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What You Always Wanted To Know

Names: James Crichton

Colour of Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'6" maybe 7" I dunno

Weight: 180lbs

Colour of Hair: Dark Brown

Favourite Subject(s)in School: History, English, Philosophy.

Least Favourite: Math, Sciences, and anything too logical.

Instruments: Fiddle, Bagpipes and Irish Whistle.

Favourite Music: Gregorian Chant, Celtic and East Coastish.

Favourite Band: Joe Cromier, Great Big Sea, and Lifehouse.

Best Friend: Ryan Vollmar

Love?:JESUS!!! Is there any doubt?

What I wish to do in life: Well priesthood seems logical, but beig a Paramedic is definately something I would love!

Favourite Food: Fettucine Alfredo, with a nice salad.

Favourite Restaurant: All you can eat Chineese (oh yeah!!!)

Favourite Sport: Football (soccer). Boxing, Fishing

Favourite Drink: Alexander Keith's Pale Ale, Kilkenney, Guinness

Favourite Pub: Paddy Flaherties!! Wednesday nights!

I don't know what else to add here, but since the traffic on my site is rather low (which I am assuming is due to the fact that it is a religious site) I won't ask for comments unless you feel you need to make one I will be sure to put it up!