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The Life and Times of a Catholic Pilgrim
My vocation story


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This is a story of my vocation. My calling to serve God and his people. Enjoy, and if it raises any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

I was born on a dull summer mornign to two loving people.

I have always felt the love and mercy of God in my life even at a young age. I wasn't raised in a practicing family, and I even felt different from them as I do now. I remember going to mass in Grade 3 by myself. It was Good Friday when I went. I was by myself, I didn't have instruction, but I knew naturally what to do. I felt I had to go despite my mother not wanting me to go. I had to thank God for dying for me on this day.

I remember the Fourth Grade when I stood up in the middle of class and said I wanted to be a priest. I remember debating with my Father over the Bible, he was Anglican. I remember eagerly running down the stairs to proclaim the new job that I wanted, I told my parents during a party that I wanted to be the first Pope in Space!

At school, I used to give "mass" using potato chips as the Euchrist and distributing it to my classmates. There was a time when I first felt the Mercy of God flow through me. A friend of mine was waiting for my bus to pull in during the 3rd grade. I saw him, tears streaming down his face. When I got off the bus, I asked what was wrong. He told me that his grandmother had died and he was worried. I told him that God loves him, and that there is no reason to worry because she is with Him in Heaven. Instantly his tears dried up, he thanked me, and continued on his way.

I find the ability to send God's love into peoples souls very rewarding, and I eagerly wait for the day when I can do this in a more fulfilling way!

I am completely dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Let's just say that I believe one cannot attain heaven if one does not believe in the Mother that Christ gave us while on the Cross!